Feasibility & Concept

Terrain route 3-D modeling to optimize civil works and elevate steel support structures. Coordinate design concept such as horizontal curve routing of overlands, conveyor flight lengths >15 km versus risk of single and multiple flights, design limits and operating strategies.

Terrain Modeling - Conveyor Design Cut and Fill Optimization Terrain Modeling - Conveyor Design Cut and Fill Optimization
Cut & Fill Optimization / Flythrough
High-res Screenshot
Cut & Fill Optimization / Flythrough
Low-res Animation Example of animated flythrough.** Large graphic (3.43MB) **

Design & Review

Apply our experience on designing or review designs of others for extremes in length, power, strength, life and Net Present Value (NPV) optimization of Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and Operating Expenditures (OPEX).

    • Audit
    • Turnkey & Partner for Turnkey
    • Client Representation with Vendors
    • Commissioning & Site Training
    • Specifications – all components, including drives and drive controls
    • Field Forensics & Problem Solving
    • Optimization Studies – Power, belt, flights, curves, idlers, life; civils
    • Dynamic Analysis, Shock Wave Tuning & Control Function Simulation
    • Horizontal Curve Engineering
    • Multi-stage or Booster Drives
    • Control System, including PLC & GUI (MMI)
    • Instrumentation – design & specify
    • Laboratory testing – rubber compounds – power, strength and life
    • Hybrid Stringers – low mass/m; large idler pitch
    • Hybrid Loading Stations (Impact Idler & Skirtboard)
    • Chute Design – belt and chute liner life and ore flow improvements using ROCKY DEM software program
    • Belt Splice & Reinforcement Design – High strength steel cord with improved efficiency (FEA)
    • High Tension Pulley Design & Refurbishing Methods (FEA)
    • Belt Conveyor Design Software: BELTSTAT and BELTFLEX
Pipe Conveyor installed at Yong Steel in China Conveyor installed at Samarco