Sepeteba Project

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Sepeteba Project Design services include mechanical design, dynamic analysis, brake system design, instrumentation, and control system design. The control system design included the logic development, programming (Allen Bradley PLC5/40E), and on-site commissioning. The control system included a supervisory system (FactoryLink) provided by others.

The project is a 5.3 Km plant and overland conveyor system at up to 10,000 TPH for the transportation of iron ore. The system consists of three overland conveyors, ten plant conveyors, a wash plant and a sampler system. There are two silos with variable speed feeders, two of the plant conveyors are reversible to the stacker / reclaimers, two of the plant conveyors have moveable heads (one with four positions) and there are five moveable chutes. The system includes interfacing to two mobile stacker / reclaimers, a train dumper, and a ship loader all provided by other vendors.
Year Built: 2001
Location: Ferteco, Sepeteba, Brazil
Conveyor Length: 10.367 km
Power: 9,725 kW
Tonnage: 10,000 tph
Belt Strength:  EP-220, EP-320, and ST-1100 N/mm
Belt Speed:  4.8 m/s
Material Conveyed: Iron Ore


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