Faejao Project

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Faejao Project Design services include mechanical design, dynamic analysis, brake system design, instrumentation, and control system design. The control system design included the logic development, programming (Allen Bradley  SLC503), onsite commissioning, and performance testing. The control system included a supervisory system (FactoryLink) provided by others.

The project is a 1.3 Km route at 1430 TPH for the transportation of iron ore consisting of one downhill with fluid coupling drive and three plant conveyors. The plant conveyors include a variable speed conveyor with integrated gate control to two plant hoppers and a reversible stacker conveyor.
Year Built: 1999
Location: Ferteco, Faejao, Brazil
Conveyor Length: 1.32 km
Power: 3,920 kW
Tonnage: 1,430 tph
Belt Strength:  ST-1600 N/mm
Belt Speed:  3.32 m/s
Material Conveyed: Iron Ore
Interesting features:
–   1 downhill conveyor (1.1 km with -162 m elevation drop
–   1 reversing stacker conveyor
–   1 variable speed with integrated gate control to 2 plant hoppers


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