Bingham Project

Bingham Project – Provided the design criteria and mechanical specifications for all components for a 9 km overland system, as a consultant to Ralph M. Parsons Co. Provided the mechanical design support to PHB Wessehutte, including head-tail 6000 hp drive (4 x 1500 hp) wound rotor motor control / logic, and head-tail brake PLC logic code for the system of four large conveyors. Subsequent to commissioning, a PWH takeup pulley failed in the shell. CDI was not involved in the pulley design. CDI investigated the shell failure and determined the shell to be under-designed. Provided engineering audit of remaining pulleys, using CDI failure criteria, and found similar shell flaws on high tension assemblies. These pulleys failed within three months of our audit.

Year Built: 1988
Location: Kennecott, Bingham Canyon Mine, Utah, USA
Conveyor Length: 10.44 km
Power: 16,800 kW
Tonnage: 10,000 tph
Belt Strength:  ST-3000 N/mm
Belt Speed:  4.7 m/s
Material Conveyed: Coal
Interesting features:
–   Longest high tonnage overland in USA @ 10,000 STPH


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