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ROCKY is a powerful, 3D Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) program from Granular Dynamics International (GDI) that quickly and accurately simulates particle behavior within a conveyor chute, mill, or other materials handling system.
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 Why Choose ROCKY?

Mining and manufacturing organizations all over the world are choosing ROCKY to evaluate their bulk materials handling systems because ROCKY is:

  • FAST & ACCURATE : Using streamlined calculations and double precision processing, ROCKY provides you with accurate results much quicker than the competition.
  • REALISTIC : ROCKY simulates more than 5 million particles in nearly limitless shapes and size distributions. Coupled with variable wet, dry, and dust-like properties; easy CAD import of geometries; and ability to move boundaries and vibrate surfaces; ROCKY enables you to replicate nearly any type of material and handling environment you can imagine.
  • EASY : A compact user interface, integrated Help topics, and customizable parameters make ROCKY simulations simple to set up. And with its at-a-glance wear data, and integrated metrics and graphs, ROCKY makes analyzing your simulation results an effortless task.
  • AFFORDABLE : Priced significantly lower than competing programs, ROCKY gives you the highest performing DEM functionality for your money.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE : If out-of-the-box ROCKY doesn’t meet your organization’s unique needs, GDI developers can tailor the ROCKY code to fit your exact requirements.

See for yourself why ROCKY is the smart choice for evaluating your conveyor chute and mill performance. See simulation examples of ROCKY cases, watch a demo of ROCKY in action, or e-mail GDI to order your copy today.

  Key Benefits of ROCKY

  • Increases  belt life and capacity
  • Eliminates  blockages and belt punctures
  • Decreases  spillage and product degradation
  • Reduces  dust, noise, and belt power
  • Defines ore  trajectories
  • Optimizes  belt tracking
  • Minimizes  liner wear and maintenance


Compare Round verses Non-Round Particles in DEM Programs

Why Non-Round Particles?

Rather than just the typical spheres or sphere clumps used by other DEM programs, ROCKY also enables you to use non-round particles in your simulations. Shapes like faceted polyhedrons, briquettes, and cylinders compact, settle, and behave just like real-world particles, which gives you more realistic results.

And because each particle is calculated as one item, as compared to sphere clumps which are calculated as many individual spheres stuck together, it takes less time to calculate, reducing the overall processing time drastically.

See how rounds stack up to non-rounds by viewing a video comparison.

See examples of non-round particle groups ROCKY replicates to appear like real-world materials.

  Questions about ROCKY?
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