BeltStat v8 New Features and Updates

We are excited to announce the release of version 8 of the BeltStat belt conveyor design software.

In this latest version, we rebuilt the entire user interface from the ground up with an emphasis on making you more productive and have added a number of new features including:

Profile Editing Improvements

  • Terrain importing
  • Mouse draggable stations
  • Full, inclines, decline scenarios in one file (No cluttered folders with multiple bsi files)
  • Add horizontal curves without splitting flights
  • Vertical curves are true curves not segmented approximations
  • Generate return strand with button click instead of complicated keyboard codes
  • Tension plots can be displayed over the conveyor profile
  • Compare start, stop, brake, and drift tensions on same plot

New Specifications – Drives

  • All values now include units (e.g. mix Brazilian Horsepower (CV) with standard metric units)
  • Motors can now follow torque or tension set point
  • Flywheel inertia separated from motor inertia

New Specifications – Idlers

  • Include more than two idler types in your simulation model
  • Pipe conveyors and 5-roll assemblies are now included
  • Automatically compute idler inertia when SKF bearing series are selected

New Features: Reports

  • Generate MS Word report with plots and summary pages embedded in the document
  • MS Word recognizes heading and will auto-number correctly
  • Footer included in generated document
  • Easier to read BSO file summarizing all load scenarios
  • Profile table now highlights start and end of curves with ‘PVC’ and ‘PVT’ designations

New Web-Based Licensing System

The old USB key based licensing system is gone. To run BeltStat v8, you will need to register an account on Conveyor Technologies administration server. After signing up for an account, you will be able to download the BeltStat v8 executable and purchase licenses to run the software.

The old single user licenses are gone. All licenses are floating network licenses. By default, the license is freed whenever the user exits BeltStat v8, but users can “check out” a license if they wish to use BeltStat v8 while discounted from the network.

Below are several videos showing BeltStat v8 in action!

Download our BELTSTAT v8 brochure. (Adobe Reader required.)


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