BELTSTAT Conveyor Belt Design Software

The first version of BELTSTAT conveyor belt design software was created by Lawrence Nordell in 1968.  Since then BELTSTAT has evolved into the most powerful and easy to use conveyor design program on the market. CDI is committed to maintaining BELTSTAT‘s status as the world’s premiere conveyor design program.  Our engineers use BeltStat conveyor belt design software to design the strongest and longest conveyors operating in the world today. No other conveyor design package allows as much flexibility and has as many advanced design features.

The current public release version of BELTSTAT v8 conveyor belt design software is distributed by Conveyor Technologies Holding. Please visit their website to license BELTSTAT v8.

Earlier licensed version users of BELTSTAT software can contact Conveyor-Dynamics for support or contact Conveyor Technologies Holding for upgrading to BELTSTAT v8.

BELTSTAT v8 Pricing

Description Price
BELTSTAT v8 1 year License $3,000
Annual license renewal fee (includes software upgrades) $1,000


Download our BELTSTAT v8 brochure. (Adobe Reader required.)


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