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A design tool and a computational aid to competent and experienced conveyor design engineers. Using good engineering judgment and conveyor design experience, users can quickly arrive at the following conveyor design results: belt width and speed; belt tension rating; counterweight tension; horsepower rating of drive motors; drive motor starting characteristics; idler specifications and spacing; pulley and shaft design; vertical curve radii and required special idler spacing; brake size (if required); flywheel requirements (if applicable). Code development was commercialized in 1968.


PSTRESS is a powerful pulley design software tool that allows engineers to quickly predict the tri-axial stress field in a pulley. Unlike a general purpose FEA program, different engineers using PSTRESS will always get the same answer when simulating the same pulley geometry with the same applied loads. Meshing and boundary conditions are predetermined and most of the solution is analytical so computation times are typically less than one second. This allows designers to rapidly review the effect of a design change on the stress distribution in the pulley and quickly converge on an optimum pulley design.


Deft-3a Conveyor Belt Tachometer

Deft-3a Conveyor Belt Tachometer


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