Field Services

CDI provides field services for

  • Commissioning Support Field Service
  • Conveyor Failure Analysis Field Service

CDI has an established field service track record in developing, implementing and commissioning large-scale control systems for crushing and conveying facilities. We are responsible for designing and executing the control systems for some of the most notable conveyor systems ever built, including:

For commissioning and conveyor failure analysis field service, CDI uses a variety of instruments, including many of our own design, and a DAQ system and software of our own devising, to measure a variety of performance parameters during conveyor start-up, steady state running and shut-down, including

  • Belt speed.
  • Applied torques.
  • Take-up position.
  • Belt side travel.
  • Brake response time.

The data collected on the conveyor’s performance is analyzed, and the behavior simulated using BELTFLEX. Based on our measurements and simulations, CDI will recommend changes in the conveyor control systems, or will recommend the replacement of faulty, or poorly designed components.

The graphs below show a case study in which CDI’s forensic analysis of the conveyor system eliminated drive control instabilities that were causing excessive system downtime due to accelerated wear and tear on the belt, the drives and the take-up system of this particular conveyor.

Control Stability - Before and After
Control Stability – Before and After


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