Conveyor Engineering Services

From Conception to Commissioning …. and Beyond

Whether you are a mine owner/operator, or a construction company, with a material handling project involving complex conveyor systems, CDI provides conveyor engineering services and consulting services to assist you with:

System Design and Consulting

  • Route selection.
  • Feasibility and optimization studies.
  • CAPEX and OPEX estimates.
  • Static and dynamic analysis of conveyors using BELTSTAT and BELTFLEX software.
  • Calculations of forces and tensions in vertical and horizontal curves.
  • PLC and HMI control programming for conveyor drives and brake systems.
  • Conveyor design audits.
  • Forensic analysis and problem solving of existing conveyor belt systems.
  • Equipment sizing and specifications for all major conveyor components.

Component Design and Analysis

  • Client representation for equipment vendor QA audits.
  • High-tension pulley design using PSTRESS and FEA.
  • Belt construction design, especially pipe belts.
  • Laboratory testing of rheological properties of belt rubber compounds.
  • Belt splice and reinforcement design and FEA analysis.
  • Idler frame design.
  • Light-weight idler ground module design.
  • Light-weight elevated gantry or triangular truss design.
  • Maintenance trolley design for elevated gantries and triangular trusses.
  • Transfer chute design and DEM analysis using ROCKY software. Design of multi-stage or booster drives.
  • Design of speed control and monitoring instrumentation.

Field Services

  • Commissioning of new conveyors– data collection, analysis and control system adjustments for conveyors designed by CDI.
  • Forensics of existing conveyors – data collection, analysis and operational problem solving.
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