CDI Engineering Experience

Conveyor Dynamics, Inc. (CDI) has a global presence with conveyor design engineering experience in the mining and materials processing industry, with a long history of assisting mine owners, construction, and manufacturing organizations through the application of advanced belt conveyor, transfer chute and ore communition engineering methods.

CDI also has extensive experience in designing “outside-the-box” solutions and developing cutting edge “first-of-kind” innovations for material handling systems

Our engineering experience includes many World Record achievements and notable projects listed below. See our Conveyor Design Experience ,  Chute Design Experience , Controls Design Experience , Forensic Failure Analysis Experience , or Feasibility Study Experience pages for more.

World Records

2017 Yubei World’s Longest pipe conveyor belt (15.0 km, 1,000 tph, single flight)
2015 Impumelelo World’s Longest trough belt (26.8 km horizontal curve, 1,920 tph, single flight)
2008 Los Pelambres World’s Largest downhill conveyor system. The 12.7 km route consists of three downhill flights with a total drop of 1.3 Km and a capacity of 9,900 tph. One conveyor includes a multiple position movable head and two conveyors have drive capacities of 10,000 kW. The total regenerative capacity is 25,000 kW.
2007 Curragh World’s Longest trough belt (20 km horizontal curve, 2,500 tph, single flight) up to 2015
1998 Zisco World’s Longest single flight horizontal curve conveyor (15.6 km) up to 2007
1989 Palabora World’s Strongest belt splice strength rating (ST-3300N/mm) up to 1996
1989 Channar World’s Lowest rolling resistance per ton per mile conveyor – 20.5 km overland with longest horizontal curve arc at 5 km

Notable Projects

2013 Dahej 6,000 tph elevated triangular truss conveyor and trolley. High belt speed of 7.5 m/s.
2012 Salobo Design audit of 500 mm diameter 4,600 tph copper concentrate pipe conveyor with World’s Strongest ST-3150 pipe conveyor belt.
2012 Itaqui Design of 4.3 km 1,000 tph coal pipe conveyor with World’s First super low rolling resistance pipe belt.
2010 Essroc Forensic rehabilitation of conveyor belt, take-up system and motor controls.
2010 Aqaba Full system control design and commissioning with fully automated stacking and reclaiming equipment.
2004 Dangote World’s First overland conveyor with elevated triangular truss and self-powered trolley, without walkway.
1989 Waihi Gold World’s First look-ahead preemptive start/stop control


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